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the 8 artworks will be on line by mid november


Our two sites, which are less than two kilometers apart, serve complementary purposes:


An energy-autonomous villa located in the heart of the natural park, S’Walden will be dedicated to research (and small group talks) on the subjects of ecology but also of the local Bronze Age architecture. Writing residencies for scientists, archaeologists, architects, curators, art critics and journalists will be offered.

Mondrago Natural Park


An urban seaside site in Cala Figuera, S’Cala will be dedicated to openness and transmission. Its 7000 sq ft will be devided into public spaces ment for exhibition and training on the one hand, and into private spaces dedicated to accommodationing the speakers on the other hand. Then within two years, an additional 1000 sq ft space will be built at the top of the building, dedicated to conviviality. With a wide range of seaside accommodations only a few yards away, all at a very affordable price outside of the summer season, it will be very easy to accommodate people coming to attend training courses, seminars and master classes in a flexible and low-cost way. S’Cala will be a place for exhibitions and teaching aimed not only at curators, but also at architects and maybe furniture designers. Regarding these three disciplines, we will devote more attention on ecological practices aimed at reuse. At least initially, these training courses will be provided in short time formats (a few days to a few weeks) within the framework of collaborations with local, regional and European schools and universities.

S'Cala white cube.jpg

Existing white cube, street level

Within two years, an elevator will be added and an additional 1000 sq ft space dedicated to conviviality will be built at the top of the building. 

Cala Figuera's harbour

Cala Figuera's harbour

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