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The 4 guidelines of Babel Mallorca’s architecture department will be the following:

- the seaside architecture of yesterday and today starting from those of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands and extending it to the whole world. One of Babel Mallorca’s missions will focus on highlighting the seaside architectural heritage around Santanyí, through photographic exhibitions as well as a local organised tours. Indeed many constructions of the 50s, 60s and 70s, villas, industrial ,commercial and administrative buildings, but also churches like the church which adjoins S’cala and that of Es Llombards, are not only worth knowning, but also of worth protecting. We believe that this protection is not only a matter of public action but of citizen awareness, and that a form of protection can be provided by a better consideration of the historical, cultural and artistic value of these buildings by the local community and especially by the owners of these places.

- architectural projects that are too dary or innovative to be carried out.

- the promotion of a truly ecological architecture advocating the adaptation and transformation of the existing heritage, thus making the choice of reappropriation, reuse and renovation rather than that of demolition and new construction to new ecological standards.

- The Talayotic architecture, magnificent local architecture from the Bronze Age which value, not well known to the general public, could be an additional axis of local development.

Cala figuera's church
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