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Arnaud Cohen

France / Spain / Portugal

Visual artist and a performer, Arnaud Cohen is the head and founder of two concrete utopias: the Babel Mallorca Project and the ArtSpeaksForItself Foundation.

His work is extensively presented internationally in biennials such as The FITE (2022 Clermont Ferrand - 2023 Vilnius), the Venice Biennale (2017, official Swiss program), the Kampala Biennale (2021), the Dakar Biennale (2016), Bienalsur (Buenos Aires, 2019 and 2017), Something Else (Cairo, 2018 and 2016) and in institutions such as the Tate (St Ives, 2018), Berlin's Rosa Luxemburg Platz Kunstverein (2017), the Palais de Tokyo (2016) or the Villa Ada of Rome (2016).

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