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Villa Babel

Biel Llinàs, Arantxa Boyero, Marijo Ribas, Elisa Braem, Sergio Monje, Florence de l’Olivier.

Exhibition curated by Aina Pomar Cloquell

12-29 June 2024

Private opening 8 June from 6 to 8 pm

Echoing ideas addressed by Enrico Lunghi in relation to human interaction with others and with our planet, the upper floor presents a group show that deals with the difficulties of inhabiting. Curator Aina Pomar Cloquell conceives the exhibition space as a receptacle from where to explore Cala Figuera, its surroundings, and their recent human story. At the same time, and blending archive materials with works by artists from Mallorca, the project aims to address the impossibility of inhabiting and embodying our present time and immediate territory.

The exhibition will include two types of material: existing works by the selected artists connected to the exhibition concept, and objects, images, archive material related to Cala Figuera, its surroundings and its social spaces.


Six months before the exhibition the artists and the curator will arrange to meet at Babel to inhabit the space, walk around Cala Figuera and discuss ideas around the exhibition. This interaction will be somehow materialised in the exhibition.



Curatorial statement by Aina Pomar Cloquell

Biel Llinàs 

Arantxa Boyero 

Marijo Ribas 

Elisa Braem 

Sergio Monje

Florence de l’Olivier 

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